Find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint

Go carbon neutral

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is by getting a renewable energy supplier. We recommend bulb. Bulb is a 100% renewable energy supplier in the UK, where you can reduce your carbon footprint by 3.5 tonnes per year!

Low Carbon Products - Follow the link to amazon

How Bad Are Bananas Book Cover
How Bad Are Bananas

This book is an incredibly informative book about specific carbon dioxide emissions that each action causes

Energy efficient lightbulb
Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Low energy bulbs are one of the cheapest, efficient ways of reducing your household’s footprint

radiator foil covering, to make heating the home more energy efficient
SuperFOIL Radiator Insulation Foil

These foil reflectors will insulate heaters, allowing heating to become more efficient and use up less energy

energy efficient dishwasher
Low Energy Dishwasher
HP monitor, used to reduce carbon dioxide
Low Energy Monitor
Washing machine
Low Energy Washing Machine

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