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Discover what really contributes to your carbon footprint and learn how to reduce it.

our 3 Step guide

Follow the website through these pages to understand how to change your lifestyle to make a difference without sacrificing the things you enjoy. This is the best way to learn all the facts about your carbon footprint.

1. Calculate

Calculate your individual carbon footprint to know what you need to reduce

2. tell us your priorities

Tell us what you are willing to change about your lifestyle

3. Advice

Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint with personalised feedback

Climate change course

Take this course to equip yourself with the knowledge of the causes, consequences and solutions to climate change so that you can start to make a difference.


Find alternative products

Browse a selection of products that help reduce your carbon footprint in an easy convenient way.

About Us

We weren’t satisfied with the way climate change was taught at school, and it is our firm believe that the biggest issue to face our generation should be given more significance. We founded FootprintFacts to start solve this problem. Our goal is to inspire students to educate others, and grow our community. For this reason, all the content on this website is created by school students. We hope you find it educational and interesting.


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